Shout Out: The Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Shop, Lansing MI - PigfishDimeMag.comStraight forward name. The Tattoo Shop.

You know what you are going to get when you go there.

What the name doesn’t say is that it isn’t just a tattoo you will get.

A Tattoo Experience

This is what The Tattoo Shop is all about – exceptional service to the point of creating an experience and a privilege to be a client.

Kevin Platte (my tattoo artist/the owner) and I go way back to a meeting somewhere in 2009 or 2010. The drummer in my band at the time highly recommended The Tattoo Shop. He had gotten lots of great looking work from Kevin and was eager to share his artist.

I was in the process of getting a sleeve done and wanted to start fresh with a new artist. Welllll…. Not new, but new to me anyway. Kevin has been tattooing for a long time.

So, I went, and we talked about what I wanted for a few minutes. I described, “Stitches roughly holding skin together, think The Nightmare Before Christmas kind of cartoony”. He smiles and I could see him go to work in his head for a quick second and his smile changed a little. He grabbed a couple of markers and started to sketch up my arm to make sure he had the right plot lines. We agreed and off to work he went.

This is where the experience began and why it is an exceptional tattoo experience.

We chatted for a while about bands and music and got to know each other a little. It’s pretty easy in a customer service position like that to just get people to talk about themselves and vaguely listen. Barely taking part in the conversation.

Kevin genuinely talked to me about what we were talking about. Not just that time but I kept coming back to get my sleeve on the other arm worked on. Kevin made it seem like we were instant friends. And then at the next appointment we continued our talk where we had left off. All of the sudden it felt like we were great friends.

Yes, I understand the psychology of the position and the slight trauma and all of the blah blah, but I have gotten quite a few tattoos, and sat in many different artists chairs. All were talented and skilled tattooists. But only ONE of all of them gave me an EXPERIENCE and friendship that will last as long as the ink in my skin.

So here is a Cheers to you Kevin Platte my friend and The Tattoo Shop is the Dealer’s Choice!

Call Kevin today at 517-574-5163 or go see him at The Tattoo Shop 2401 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912.

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