Shout Out: Horizen Hydroponics

Why Horizen Hydroponics is the Dealer’s Choice Grow Store in West Michigan

My first experience with Horizen Hydroponics found me looking for some new base nutrients and headed to one of their four stores. I had been using several Botanicare products and wanted something a bit more simple.

My plan was to go in, stumble around, read some labels and guess at what would be purchased with the help of Google and hoping for the best.

What happened was FAR from that.

While entering the Grand Rapids store the hours were posted on the door and it looked like only about 10 mins of shopping would be allowed. Yup, almost closing time. Okay, time to hurry…

A greeting and a smile as I entered through the door.

That’s ALWAYS a good sign. Followed with a “Can I help you find something?”. Well yes…

After a quick explanation of wanting an easier plan with good results we chatted for almost half an hour about plants and nutes and additives. He asked what my goals were with my grow and several other questions that assessed my level of knowledge and ability.

This fellow was SUPER knowledgeable, friendly like I’d known him for years and so willing to share his experience. We chatted for almost 40 minutes (a half an hour past closing time) about what nutes I should switch to.

He didn’t just advise me but listened to my questions and found a wonderful solution.

Turns out that this was John (our partner in garden tips, Angry John) and co-owner of Horizen Hydroponics. It is no wonder that this business has the success that they have.

John and Bridgette, his wife, own the Horizen Hydroponics stores and are two of the nicest people I have ever met. These two have developed a culture within their business (roughly 40 employees) that embodies a level of customer service rarely found in a grow supply store. Their process of learning and teaching makes the customer service a true experience. Employees that care about how customers do what they do is a huge key for me.

It has been YEARS since first meeting John, and that experience has stuck with me. As a business owner that is what you always hope for and I bet it happens to Horizen more than they realize.

They provide an EXPERIENCE in their stores and THAT is why Horizen Hydroponics is the Dealer’s Choice.

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