Should You Grow Your Own Marijuana?

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Angry John's Garden Tips for Marijuana Growing - PigfishDimeMag.comShould I, shouldn’t I … Grow my own?

That seems to be the question for most Cannabis consuming individuals. Step one for most any hobby or project is passion. Is there an internal passion for what it is … Cannabis. It is one thing to consume it but is it something I want to grow? The following article is meant to help put to rest your question of should I or shouldn’t I grow my own?!

Let’s start at, we all love the final product and there just never seems to be enough of it or time in the day to smoke it. Lol. But seriously, availability can be one of the main factors in deciding to grow your own. In Michigan, we are fortunate to have a Medical and Recreational program that allows people access to Cannabis. These programs allow anyone of adult age access to multiple forms of Cannabis, not just flowers.

It’s not always just about growing the flowers.

Bud may just be step one for a consumer of edibles and concentrates. The flowers/buds of Cannabis can be concentrated in ways that do not require it be smoked. We will talk more about the many forms Cannabis can be made into in other articles, like those by Mad Chiller.

In our decision-making process, all factors should be considered.

Do I know a Medical Caregiver that needs a patient? Does that person grow good product? Are they reputable in the community? Do they have an Instagram (it all goes down on the Gram!). You just don’t know, your neighbor might be growing the bomb-diggity and you never asked … It may ultimately be easier to work with someone that has a skilled hand at growing. There is a learning curve to growing dank buds MAN!

The Michigan Medical Dispensaries and Recreational dispensaries are just coming on line. Many of the growers in these facilities are skilled Medical growers that got”day jobs” in the industry, but they still grow the Fire! So, there are good options for quality products at many dispensaries. However, rumor is, the lines are long and the prices are, well retail. Don’t forget about the Taxes at the Rec dispo’s. What is your time worth if you have to drive two hours one way and spend a significant amount on a small baggy?

Eventually, many say … It is worth it for me to grow my own.

Be it inside or out, I know where this came from, what went into it, what is on it and what love went into it. Cannabis has many unique qualities, many of which shine in the jar. Yet, some if its oddities show up during the growing process. Cannabis can handle extreme light intensities compared to other plants. Cannabis can eat large amounts of food. To many people, growing is growing and Cannabis is just a “weed”.

To me and many others, weeds are plants in a place you don’t want them and anything worth doing, is worth doing right. Although, why is it the”weeds”in my garden tend to grow faster than the plant I want next to it??? Maybe the comparison comes from the speed at which Cannabis Grows? Either way, at every stage a Cannabis plant is a thing of beauty and a joy to be around.

Estimate it will take 90-120 days for you to get your first crop harvested.

The plant has different growth phases (Vegetative growth and Flowering). These stages have different requirements. Much of growing any plant, Cannabis included is about timing. Being there, for the plant, providing what it needs exactly when it needs it. Knowing it’s day length cycle, when it needs water, nutrients, Co 2, light … All that being said, the plant will grow on its own and do its thing. Just like anything else in life, the more attention to detail the better the crop you will harvest!

Stick around, Pigfish’s Dime Mag and Angry John plan on dropping knowledge to help your garden flourish!

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