Review: Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak Review -

One and Done with The Peak® Smart Rig

Puffco® says, “This device unlocks the true power of cannabis and CBD concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plan they’re derived from.

This means you’ll get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve.”

While all of this holds true, I do caution the initial operation with these words of wisdom: Pre-load the rig!! The learning curve they speak of is ever so gentle.

It’s pre-load, hold button to turn on, tap once to cycle through the 4 heat settings and double tap to begin heating.

Upon doin this, the device vibrates once to notify you it has started, and pulsates upon completion.

I was able to figure this out on the second run.

The device hits perfectly and the heating element does allow for a more distinct taste of the terps.

Review of Puffco Peak Concentrate Smoking Rig - PigfishDimeMag.comThe unit ships in a high-end foam carrying case and comes with a variety of accessories.

I will say that the shape of the piece does take some getting used to.

As does the thought that you’re going to flood the battery with water. But the way the glass is designed doesn’t allow for water to get near the battery, so those worries go away.

Speaking of the glass, it’s hand-blown and the company itself is allowing outside glass artists to create their own, meaning customization is over-and-above, and virtually limitless.

MSRP is $379.99, however you can easily find them for $250 at many online retailers and even at some local shops.

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