Review: Ancient Extracts Watermelon Gummies

There are a lot of gummies on the market, and a lot of okay products.

Review of Ancient Extracts Cannabis Infused Watermelon Gummies -

Seems like everyone has come out with their own gummies, and a little different marketing technique and voila! More gummies.

It takes a lot to stand out among an overcrowded market, and that is exactly what Ancient Extracts has done.

I typically am not a fan of watermelon flavoring, so I thought to myself this would be one product I won’t gush over. WRONG.

The flavor of these gummies was perfect. The watermelon didn’t just try to mask the natural cannabis flavor, but worked WITH it to enhance the overall experience of taste.

Either way, the flavor is only the first half of the potent ride of these skull-shaped morsels of goodness.

The second half is their effectiveness. I ate one right when I got them, and about the usual hour-or-so later… BOOM. It kicked in past the joint or two and all of a sudden I had that unmistakable buzz only achieved through quality medibles.

Ancient Extracts has the whole package in these gummies. They are the good stuff.

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