Product Review: Pulse One Environment Monitor

from Nic French

Review of Pulse One Environmental Monitor for Grow Rooms - PigfishDimeMag.comFirst, let me tell you this unit is Awesome!

I set it up to alert me every hour to the conditions of the environment and it did exactly that.

I am able to see the highs and lows in temperature, humidity, vapor pressure deficit, and light levels all at the touch of a button.

I put this unit in the flower room first and within just one photo period, it showed me where my problem was. When my lights turned off my humidity would skyrocket. The solution was an extra dehumidifier. I installed the second dehumidifier and put it up to the drain and the very next day when my lights went off the humidity stayed in check.

I then put the unit in my clone dome to see how I was looking in there. To my surprise with the vents fully open I was at the exact target of the clone template I was using.

I can’t wait for the Pulse pro to come out. I will definitely be investing into more units.

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Nick French is the newest addition to our product review team. His wide knowledge base is a huge asset that can only be gained by years and years of experience in gardening. Nick is also the General Manager of Horizen Hydroponics and is a very friendly soul, so say ‘hi’ when you see him in the stores.

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