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Mad Chiller’s Dab Lab: Gratitude

Greetings and salutations! In the last article, I provided a brief explanation of some common cannabis concentrate terminology.

In this article I’ll be discussing the practice of gratitude.

More specifically, the practice of acknowledging your achievements by giving respect and appreciation to the people and things that helped you get where you are today.

Let’s be real, nobody achieves any substantial success in life completely on their own, and nobody comes into this world possessing all the answers. Everybody obtains some form of assistance along the way, usually in the form of moral or sometimes financial support from a mentor, friend, or family member. But sometimes the help presents itself in the form of knowledge based on experience. I feel like this is usually the most helpful and useful of all the forms of support because knowledge based on experience is priceless.

In the case of growing cannabis and processing concentrates, I’ve been blessed enough to have some amazing mentors in my life.

When I was a young man first learning how to grow cannabis, there weren’t very many sources of knowledge on the topic like there are today. There were only a few books, instructional DVDs, and online forums that actually contained quality information. Even after Michigan legalized Medical Cannabis, it took a while for people to get used to the idea of freely sharing cannabis cultivation knowledge. This is because it had been illegal, as well as stigmatized through propaganda, for so long. Luckily, I crossed paths with an older green-thumb who had over 30 years of experience growing cannabis. We became close friends and for the next year or two, he became my ganja-guru. If I couldn’t find the answer in the cultivation book which he recommended, I would ask him. And he would always have an answer.

I was fortunate enough to continue to surround myself with knowledgeable, helpful friends. By virtue of my circle growing, so did my wisdom and capabilities. As we all persisted to improve and master our craft, we continued to share with each other the knowledge we gained along the way. Besides growing cannabis, my friends/mentors have generously taught me the processes of extracting concentrates, trimming more efficiently to achieve a better end-product, and producing quality edibles with consistency. I’ve also learned how to be more attentive to a patient’s needs by applying this helpful advice, “treat people exceptionally so they feel extraordinary.”.

All of the knowledge I’ve obtained from these wonderful people is invaluable to me, and I’ve done my best to show each of them how much I appreciate their generosity in various ways.

My favorite way to repay them, is with knowledge reciprocation.

As soon as I acquire a helpful tip that makes my life easier in some way, I make sure to pass it along to the people who have supported me. And hopefully I’m able to help them as much as they’ve helped me. Knowledge is a beautiful thing that should be exchanged and shared freely instead of hoarded in secrecy.

Everyone has something, usually many things, to be thankful for if they take the time to appreciate them. If you can’t find anything to be thankful for, you need to dig a little deeper. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to have a cannabis mentor, you can still be grateful for all the knowledge you’ve acquired from any books or instructional videos along the way. Someone took the time to create that book or video as a vehicle of knowledge for you. That was pretty thoughtful of them.

Let’s take a big deep breath and be thankful for everything around us. And if someone has shared valuable knowledge with you or provided you with assistance that’s made your life easier, find a genuine way to thank them. Take a moment to experience infinite gratitude for everything you’re thankful for.

“Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.”

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