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3Fifteen Cannabis

Overall Rating

3Fifteen Cannabis Review - PigfishDimeMag.com

2900 Division Ave, Grand Rapids MI 49548

Location and Accessibility

Dope location right off 28th and Division, but parking and access was not only a hassle but a little dangerous with the traffic coming in. I’ll give benefit of doubt to so much snow possibly making life hard, but certainly something that didn’t help.

Quality and Variety

A good selection for both medical and recreational flower, along with a wide variety of edibles.

Budtender Knowledge

Gram (ironically my budtenders name) knew his product and was able to answer all questions from a space of experience.

X Factor

Covid has made the process of finding gems in this space difficult. What I appreciated from this establishment was the care to the process. From the front desk to the product room floor, the flow of movement was smooth and efficient.

About Drey’s Bag Finder

My mission is to help you find your Sweet Spot!

To help you on your journey, I will be traveling to cannabis dispensaries across Michigan – undercover-like, with zero heads up – to get you the angle on the best establishments to visit in those areas.

I will rate certain factors, on a scale of 1 – 4 buds, that I’ve always taken into consideration when in search of the bag.

  • Location and Accessibility – Parking, visibility, delivery, etc.
  • Quality and Variety – This truly explains itself. Just because it’s a dispensary doesn’t guarantee good product. A quality bag covers up a lot of holes in my book.
  • Budtender Knowledge – Whether I’m buying a car, electronics, or flower, the likelihood of me buying and or visiting again depends on how much I can trust you to truly help me as a consumer.
  • X Factors – This varies store to store. But each store should have its own unique experience that will either turn you on to it or turn you off.
  • Overall – An average of the 4 categories.

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