Where’d You Get That Custom Grinder?

Dealer’s Choice: A Story About Clear Cut Method

When Christina Godepski and I first met, she was working for Schecter Guitars in California and I was working on a heavy metal magazine called MerchLive Backstage Pass. We had done some work together back and forth with ad space for Schecter in our magazine.

Just about the same time, Schecter got a laser engraver that they used in their custom shop. It seems that Christina fell in love with laser engraving as soon as she had her hands on the machine. She steadily learned the ins-and-outs of engraving through her work at the custom shop and her own research. It wasn’t long before she was talking of getting a machine for herself and the wide array of items that could be engraved. My friend managed to get her own machine. Then, soon after she decided to leave Schecter to be an entrepreneur and open her own business. Clear Cut Method was born.

Pigfish Dime Mag Custom Weed Grinders - PigfishDimeMag.comCustom Grinders for Free Stash Fridays

I have gotten many products from Clear Cut Method over the years. Most recently we got the grinders pictured here that we have given away on Free Stash Fridays on Facebook (we’ll probably have more soon).

I’ve also gotten an assortment of die cut style keychains for the brands we have worked with like RIP and MerchLive. Clear Cut Method’s products page continues to grow as fast as their client list.

They offer custom-engraved items such as metal flasks, drinkware, pocketknives and zippo style lighters. They also print full color die cut stickers, microfiber polish cloths, and small run can holders. Clear Cut offers products to the end user as well as being a wholesale supplier. So, if you just need a few or a few hundred, Christina and Clear Cut Method have you covered and are this month’s Dealer’s Choice.

Go take a look for yourself at ClearCutMethod.com

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