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Now that Michigan is recreationally legal for marijuana, what are the benefits of getting the medical card?

Ask a Cannabis Nurse - PigfishDimeMag.comThe most practical reason to keep a medical cannabis card is how it affects your pocketbook.

Depending on the patient and how much cannabis is consumed, the savings could be a few hundred dollars annually as medical patients pay less than recreational consumers.

Currently, there are a very limited number of recreational provisioning centers open. Having a medical cannabis card allows for access to more stores.

Medical cannabis patients frequently have access to products that aren’t readily available to adult use customers.

For example, cannabis cultivars that present with a higher CBD content are ideal for a medical cannabis consumer. These products are often lower in THC or contain a ratio of CBD to THC that renders the THC not as dominant as the cultivars most adult use consumers seek.

Likewise, there are more demands on the part of medical consumers for terpene and full cannabinoid reporting on medical products. If you wish to curate your user experience by selecting particular terpene or cannabinoid profiles, the medical dispensary will often offer more products with extensive testing and reporting.

Most importantly, having a medical card protects a consumer who maintains a professional license in the state of Michigan. This is a protection that protects your livelihood if you are a cannabis consumer.

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Ask Cannabis Nurse Cathleen -

Cathleen S. Graham is the CEO/Founder of Cannabis Nurse. She is an experienced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse with more than twenty five years’ experience. Cathleen is also an internationally-respected speaker and the first nurse to receive the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) Medical Professional of the Year award for 2019. In addition, she partners with Karen in Leaf Medic. Be sure to check out for your scientific cannabis education.

Ask Cannabis Nurse Karen -

Karen Korn, PhD is a highly experienced, well-seasoned college educator who is also a medical cannabis patient. Her state licensed school, Leaf Medic, provides online education for all levels and training for the steadily growing cannabis industry in Michigan and Ohio. For training in the cannabis industry go to and learn from the incredible staff at Leaf Medic.

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