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If you are keeping up with these articles, you’ve decided to grow. So now what???

Well, there are a few basics that we need to acknowledge and respect if we want top shelf buds. This piece will outline the basics that need to be understood.

It may sound overwhelming but there are 9 basics that we will break down over the next few weeks. Obviously, Universities and colleges offer degrees in plant biology, greenhouse management and many other aspects of plant growing, these tips will be the high level, most important factors needed for plant growth. We won’t be digging too deep into why or how so much, but more of an acceptance of what the plants need.

Let’s imagine an oak barrel, made of slats and hoops.

If one of those slats is shorter than the rest, the barrel can only be as full as the lowest slat. Plants are similar in the fact that, if there is one basic factor out of whack, no matter how much of  everything else is available, that missing link is a rate limiting factor. That means we can’t rely on just one factor to give us the dank.

What are the basics?

The nine key factors are light, temperature, humidity, wind, CO2, root zone temp, water, nutrients, and oxygen.

Let’s jump right into conversation, what is light? Light is energy, the most basic source is the Sun, yes, the yellow thing in the sky. Plants have grown up receiving full on sunlight on those blue bird sunny days. So, no matter how clear the sky and bright the sun, plant can do much work in the noon day sun! You won’t grow with anything else outside and you won’t get outside growth with artificial lights.

Then why grow indoor at all?

Seasonality to growing seasons, no cloudy days, no cold days, no hot days… The list goes on why you want to keep these glorious girls indoors. Then what do you do? Your Indoor grow light is the most significant factor to your plant’s health and ability to produce over all the factors. Again, indoors, we (you) are GOD. Why not give the plants everything they want when they want it, that’s how we get that supreme smoke. Cannabis has 2 different light cycles that need to be observed.

Veg, Vegetative growth, and growing are names for the early stages of Cannabis growth.

This first light cycle should be long days, 16, 18, or 24 hrs of light. This causes the plant to grow leaves and branches. It allows you to grow the plant to the height you want before it goes into flowering. Typically, a light high in the blue spectrum of the rainbow is best for veg. It keeps those nodes short. (again, there is so much to dive into, it’s hard not to explain every word, but that would make this article a textbook…)

Flower, Bloom, and Bud are names for the final stages of Cannabis growing.

This stage of life, Cannabis wants more of a red colored light. Red waves cause the plant to stretch and go into flowering. Couple the bulb change with a day length change to kick the plants into flower. From the first day you want to “start” flowering, change the light cycle to 12 on – 12 off. The longer nights will cause hormone changes in the plant that signal flowering, bud site development.

What is the best light for my situation, the quick and dirty is talk with your favorite hydro shop and let them know about the space your are working in, does it have AC, a dehumidifier…? Lights are sized by wattage and that speaks to the size space it will cover. LED, and Ceramic Metal Halide lights are the
newer technology and give growers more low temperature options as compared to other high intensity lights.

Remember when we are playing GOD, why not give your Cannabis the best inputs, for the best outputs.

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