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Welcome to Pig­fish’s Dime Mag – The place where we all can come together to enjoy something that some call medi­cine, others call a wonderful part of their day, and still others call it a sacred part of their religion.

We enjoy cannabis in a multitude of ways … Old skoal as flower in a bowl, medibles using infusions into food & candy of every type, and a wild assortment of concentrates that will ensure you only need a tiny amount to enhance your mood. It all comes down to one thing: Cannabis and the Cannabis Lifestyle.

This pocket-sized gem of a magazine details the Cannabis Lifestyle by being full of entertainment and knowledge that will introduce you to some growing tips, medible recipes, legal advice, product reviews and other content that is just for funsies.

We hope you enjoy Pigfish’s Dime Mag and that you will pass this around in your circle.

– Pigfish

Contributors: Nameless Staff Writer, Pigfish, Bobby Smokesalot, Mad Chiller, Sara McMedible, Angry John, Pigfish, Stoney Lou.

Editor in Chief: Alex Diesel

Online Editor in Chief: Jen Lorenski – Purple Gen

Art Direction: Alex Diesel

Design/Layout: Sweaty Fingers Design

Social Media: Stoney Lou

Published by: Pigfish Printing WorldWide, Inc. – PigfishPrinting.com

If you’d like to advertise with us, or generally get in touch, email: high@pigfishdimemag.com.

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